Deep Learning


tree crown detection using RGB

Derived inventory of tree crowns

Over 100 million tree crowns estimated from DeepForest


Cross-scale effects of ecological processes on ecological patterns

Individual tree crowns leaf traits from integrating NEON and FIA

An inventory of 60 million trees across US

Individual tree crowns leaf traits from remote sensing

Functional ecology has increasingly focused on describing ecological communities based on their traits (measurable features affecting individuals fitness and performance). Analyzing trait distributions within and among forests could significantly improve understanding of community composition and ecosystem function.

NEON Crowns: a remote sensing derived dataset of 100 million individual tree crowns

Forests provide essential biodiversity, ecosystem and economic services. Information on individual trees is important for understanding the state of forest ecosystems but obtaining individual-level data at broad scales is challenging due to the costs …


Data driven discovery of forest functions across scales.

DeepForest: A Python package for RGB deep learning tree crown delineation

Remote sensing of forested landscapes can transform the speed, scale and cost of forest research. The delineation of individual trees in remote sensing images is an essential task in forest analysis. Here we introduce a new Python package, DeepForest …

Cross-site learning in deep learning RGB tree crown detection

Tree crown detection is a fundamental task in remote sensing for forestry and ecosystem ecology. While many individual tree segmentation algorithms have been proposed, the development and testing of these algorithms is typically site specific, with …

Individual tree-crown detection in RGB imagery using semi-supervised deep learning neural networks

Remote sensing can transform the speed, scale, and cost of biodiversity and forestry surveys. Data acquisition currently outpaces the ability to identify individual organisms in high resolution imagery. We outline an approach for identifying …